Aarnav Tale

Hey! I'm Aarnav, a software engineer based in Washington, D.C. I specialize in building low-level backend systems and DevOps. I'm currently working on my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

You may have seen me around the internet as I maintain and contribute to a few open-source projects. I work on whatever interests me or serves to improve my own workflows. Outside of programming, I value spending time outdoors.

Current Projects


Rust Go TypeScript PostgreSQL Kubernetes

High-speed search engine and analytics aggregator for iOS APT repositories


TypeScript GitHub Actions Kubernetes

GitHub Action to interact with Kubernetes clusters using kubectl


Remix React TypeScript

A proper management plane for Headscale, the self-hosted Tailscale controller


TypeScript MongoDB React Kubernetes

Enabling developers to easily sell and distribute their software on iOS

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